national coffee day

“Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with.”

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Happy National Coffee Day! I have a love for coffee that probably borders on obsession. It is one of  the first things I think about when I wake up.  I luxuriate in that first sip of hot, bold, dark coffee. It gives me a sense of joy, delight, and comfort…ready to take on the day. So, to all you other coffee-lovers out there, enjoy your cup of Joe a little more today….Cheers!

And if you are a nerd like me, and want to read up on some of the benefits of coffee, check out this article from the NY Times.


my essentials | peak10 performance

{ 1| Body Bugg calorie management system  2| Epsom Salt in a hot bath does wonders for sore muscles  3| Underarmour second skin leggings  4| Sweaty Betty fitness + weight gloves  5| CEP compression sleeves  6| Re-usable glass water bottle  7| Coconut water  8| Foam roller to help with recovery and pushing lactic acid from your muscles }