Get in Shape for Summer – PEAK10

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Summer is just around the corner, which means time to pull out that bathing suit from last season and see if it still fits.  Preparing for shorts, sundresses, bikinis, and hot days on the beach we all want to look and feel our best. If you are looking for the perfect “GET READY FOR SUMMER” Workout or just want to take your fitness level up a notch, PEAK 10 is the program for you.

Tomorrow we are starting a 6 week PEAK 10 SUMMER CHALLENGE at Breakthru Fitness in Pasadena, CA. If you don’t live in the area or can’t join us at the gym, Michelle Dozois (the Creator of the Program) has developed an online forum with virtual support so you can follow along at home.

Join the “at home” PEAK 10 SUMMER CHALLENGE on Facebook. And, if you do not already have the full Peak Fit System Kit, you can purchase it at Or buy the lastest DVD’s Michelle just released at www.michelledozois.comThese three DVD’s would be the perfect combination to getting a strong and lean body, feeling sexy, healthy and ready to take on the summer! Click on the images below to order or see previews of the new DVD’s.

Cardio Strength

Peak10 Cardio Strength Remix ~ a metabolism boosting strength training & cardio sequences.

Cardio Interval Burn

CARDIO INTERVAL BURN ~ cardio sequences that use a variety of movements from athletics, kickboxing, calisthenics, and aerobics.

BodyFIT 360

BodyFIT 360 ~ a cutting edge, bodyweight and dance-conditioning workout for those looking for a new and challenging way to feel strong, flexible lean and fit.


monday motivation

I was reminded by a dear friend today the importance of accepting and facing challenges. I have no doubt, that maintaining balance and peace are imperative to living a happy and fulfilled life. But, truthfully what would life be without challenges to help us grow, re-evaluate and become stronger?  Difficulties strengthen the mind, as labor does the body, and challenge brings truth to the heart. So even in the midst of a difficult time; face the challenge head on, embrace the emotions you feel, and release your fears so that you may move forward bravely.

peak10 | summer session

For those of you who live in the Pasadena Area, the Peak10 summer session at BreakThru Fitness starts in just a few short weeks. Registration is this Friday, April 13th @ 5am.  This program was LIFE-CHANGING for me in so many ways. Something to consider if you are looking to take your health, fitness and wellness to the next level. I have to admit, I am anxiously counting down the days until it starts again.  Yes, I am on the flyer for this session… humbling and slightly embarrassing, but so grateful to have the opportunity to participate in such an innovative program supported by truly amazing health professionals!

my essentials | peak10 performance

{ 1| Body Bugg calorie management system  2| Epsom Salt in a hot bath does wonders for sore muscles  3| Underarmour second skin leggings  4| Sweaty Betty fitness + weight gloves  5| CEP compression sleeves  6| Re-usable glass water bottle  7| Coconut water  8| Foam roller to help with recovery and pushing lactic acid from your muscles }

peak | week 7 recap

my week in food | personal photographs

We are on the home stretch, and in our final week of Peak10.  Just before the start of Week 7, Michelle sent out an email reminding us “to stay strong, keep showing up, commit and finish what you started?… Re-commit yourself fully”. And this was exactly what I needed to hear to motivate myself to work hard and push through the final weeks. My body was definitely feeling a bit tired and a little beat up.  My legs were aching and full of knots, my feet were killing me, and my butt and lower back were so sore it hurt to sit.  But, I also really started to see noticeable changes in my muscle tone and definition, particularly in my arms.  Old jeans were fitting again. And several co-workers commented on how great I looked. All of which really encouraged me to step it up for the last 2 weeks. Workouts for Week 7:

  • monday | circuit training + zumba
  • tuesday | peak cardio strength
  • wednesday | pure cardio + groovalicious
  • thursday | peak cardio strength
  • friday | pilates
  • saturday | hike with friends
  • sunday | peak cardio interval burn + zumba

I am still eating clean and healthy, and have really noticed the positive effects from this change. Clean-eating has become more of a lifestyle for me;  viewing food as fuel for my body instead of just using it to satisfy cravings. I have more energy, feel lighter, and have far less stomach issues.  I have learned to slow down a bit when I eat, appreciating my food and taking the time to enjoy each meal.  No doubt, it has been an adjustment but there are so many long-term benefits that I can’t imagine going back to my old habits.

Lesson learned from week 7:

  • it’s a lifestyle | clean eating is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. staying fit is not about a finding a quick fix, it’s a permanent change.


peak | week 6 recap

my week in food | personal photographs

This has been one of the craziest and busiest weeks I have had in a long time. Full of new exciting projects, including this website for my dear friend MC; an amazing personal trainer, nutrition coach and wellness guru. She is uplifting, passionate, and has such a bright spirit…making her an absolute pleasure to work with. I worried that with all of the deadlines, long hours, and very little sleep, there would be no way I could find the time or muster up the energy to make it the gym. But, this wasn’t the case at all.  I found that I craved my workouts even more; giving me the opportunity to take a mental break, get a good healthy sweat, and of course work out some of the stress and tension. Not to mention, I felt re-energized and clear-minded afterwards…ready to get back to work!  I think this speaks volumes about the positive affects of maintaining balance in your life. Workouts for the week:

  • monday | circuit training
  • tuesday | peak cardio strength
  • wednesday | pure cardio + groovalicious
  • thursday | peak cardio strength
  • friday | rest day
  • saturday | step + pure strength
  • sunday | peak cardio interval burn

Knowing I was headed into a very hectic week, I made pretty much all of my food ahead of time so that I would not fall back into my old habits of ordering thai take out while working into the wee hours of the morning. I was able to eat healthy + light + satisfying snacks and meals. Not to mention, I had a food photo shoot this weekend (keeping our fingers crossed for an exciting new project on the horizon). Luckily for me, I was asked to feature healthy, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes….which of course we enjoyed after the final photographs were taken! This week taught me perhaps, one of the biggest lessons learned from this experience: the importance of maintaining a healthy balance in life, and taking a few moments for yourself to re-charge.

Lesson learned from week 6:

  • balance | It is so important to take a few moments for yourself to re-charge and step away from our busy lives. Whether it be a hike, a killer sweat session, or preparing a simple, healthy meal that is good for your body + mind.

Final countdown…only 2 weeks left!

peak | week 5 recap

groceries to start the week | personal photograph

WooHoo! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, with only 3 more weeks left in the Peak10 program. But, curiously I find this very bitter-sweet… I am proud of myself for all that I have accomplished thus far, nevertheless I will feel pangs of sadness when it is all over. We started a new peak cardio strength routine this week, which is KILLER! I feel a whole new set of muscles working and burning (aka-screaming in agony). It seems that the strength portion is a lot more leg-focused. Tons and tons of lunges; lunge jumps, alternating lunges, pulsing lunges…seriously every kind of lunge you can imagine. And my hamstrings and quads have taken notice. In addition to our new cardio strength routine, my workout schedule for the week was as follows:

  • monday | circuit training
  • tuesday | peak cardio strength
  • wednesday | boot camp + pure cardio
  • thursday | peak cardio strength
  • friday | rest day
  • saturday | 3-20 circuit + core + step
  • sunday | peak cardio interval burn

I did great on food this week, eating very healthy and clean, and pretty much following the meal plan I had set-up for myself…until friday rolled around.  I think any time you start your day by throwing your green smoothie to the way-side in exchange for a bag of potato chips, you are in trouble. I don’t know what it is about me and potato chips, but if they are anywhere in the vicinity, I will hunt them down and devour them. Which is why I normally avoid them like the black plague and NEVER-EVER buy them for our house. Unfortunately for me, a co-worker brought a giant bag to the office and that was all it took.  To make matters worse, having chips for breakfast was just the beginning of a downward spiral into a vortex of processed food and junk. I won’t give you the full list for the day, but needless to say it included fried shrimp tacos, more chips and an unfathomable amount of shortbread cookies. And while the food tasted good going down, I felt heavy, tired, and lethargic the rest of the day. I woke up saturday craving raw foods, loads of water, and a serious sweat session…all of which I did! when I started to think about my junk food frenzy from the previous day, I realized something: I had been craving sweets for about 2 days, but was determined to stick to my healthy meal plan for the week, so I deprived myself of what my body wanted.  I think if i had just listened to my needs and given in to a little treat, I may have found myself satisfied, content, and feeling good about my decisions. Instead of weighed down, guilty, and literally in a food coma.

Lesson learned from week 5:

  • treat yourself | Reward yourself and provide room for freedom + flexibility in your diet.  You deserve it, and it may prevent you from losing total control!

Only 3 weeks left!