Take that FIRST Step

Hello Friends! Can you believe we are already two weeks into the New Year?! I don’t know about you, but I truly needed a FRESH START! A New Year with the opportunity for New Dreams, New Goals, New Beginnings. 2012 was a truly challenging year for me in so many ways. I finally took the risk to change my profession, I had my heart broken, and I lost one of my dearest friends.  But with the challenges, the struggles, the heartache… I learned valuable lessons:  I took time for myself and I began to see things in a new light, with a new appreciation. One of my intentions for the New Year is to put my energy very deliberately into moving forward.  Taking those steps to make the changes, reach the goals, and fulfill the dreams I envision for myself.  And often times, fear of the unknown or of change makes taking that first step scary, difficult, challenging. But as this inspiring quote reminds us, “SOMETIMES THE SMALLEST STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION ENDS UP BEING THE BIGGEST STEP OF YOUR LIFE. TIP TOE IF YOU MUST, BUT TAKE THE STEP!”

Take THAT Step

So, regardless of what your goals and visions for this New Year might be: Believe in yourself and TAKE THAT FIRST STEP, even if it is a baby step! Keep your eyes, your heart and your mind open and your feet moving forward AND you will find what you need! Wishing you all a beautiful Monday and a Wonderful Week ahead!


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