step out of your comfort zone

Taking steps out of your comfort zone is pivotal for your own evolution and growth. You cannot become a bigger and better version of yourself unless you are willing to stretch beyond what you already know.

Growth facilitates happiness. We experience fulfilment when we grow in ourselves. When we feel that we are progressing, evolving and becoming more, we develop a higher level of confidence and pride. This is what makes us feel alive. This is where the magic happens.



Many of us continuously say no to opportunities that are presented which are outside our comfort zone. We may say ‘I could never do that’ without even really contemplating it. Or we use delay tactics and say ‘I am not ready yet. I need to learn more/have more money/have more experience etc. before I do that’

Get in to the habit of saying yes. Even if you have no idea how you are going to do it, just say yes and figure out how later. You are never given more than you can handle. You have attracted this opportunity because you are ready for it. It has been designed to help you grow.


When we experience the feeling of fear, many of us try to run away from it. We either avoid the actual activity that triggers our fear, or we do whatever we can to suppress the feeling with some other activity such as eating, watching TV, going shopping etc.

When you feel fear, sit with it. Allow yourself to experience it fully and actually determine where it is coming from. Ask yourself “What am I actually afraid of?” “What am I afraid will happen?” “What am I afraid that I will lose?”

Acknowledge your fear for what it is. It is just a feeling. It is just a feeling that has been created by what you are thinking. Once you can see it for what it is, it will lose its power. Being able to be conscious of your fears then gives you the ability to change them.


If you are afraid to step out of your comfort zone, it is likely that you have created negative association with the idea of it. All successful people have found ways to feel positive and excited about stepping out of their comfort zone, rather than afraid and tentative.

Start telling a new story about what it means to live outside your comfort zone. See this situation as an amazing learning and growth opportunity. Feel excited about the fact that you will be becoming a bigger and better person.

Speak kindly to yourself, and love and support yourself unconditionally. Tell yourself positive stories about other times where you have succeeded in challenging situations. Cheer yourself on, and say ‘You can do it” or ‘I believe in you’.

Connect with why it is important for you to take this step. How will doing this help propel you towards your goal? How will it lead you towards the life of your dreams? How will it enable you to achieve everything you have ever wanted?

Check out the full post from Jessica Ainscough’s Wellness Warrior.


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