peak | week 4 recap

groceries to start the week | personal photograph

Week 4 marks the half-way point of my Peak10 journey, along with mid-challenge weigh-in and measurements.  I felt such a sense of achievement and delight as Michelle took my measurements and showed me the results on my peak card;  I am down almost 4lbs and have lost considerable inches in my arms, thighs, and hips. It was very reassuring to know all of the hard work is paying off.  I am feeling energized, motivated and I am seeing noticeable changes in my body.  I have noticed more definition in my arms and stomach, my legs feel stronger, and my pants are even fitting a little looser in the booty (which is a remarkable feat for me).  I had a very busy work week, and it was difficult to find the extra time to get to the gym, so I ended up sneaking in a few workouts at home. This week’s workout schedule:

  • monday | circuit training
  • tuesday | peak cardio strength
  • wednesday | pure cardio + groovalicious
  • thursday | peak cardio strength
  • friday | tracy anderson mat video at home
  • saturday | abs video + booty burn video at home
  • sunday | peak cardio interval burn

I am such a “numbers” person… so seeing my positive results today has only motivated me to push a little harder physically and to be extra mindful of clean eating. As I mentioned last week, one thing I have really noticed since starting peak10 and charting my caloric intake, is that I eat ALL THE TIME. And not in a healthy, metabolism-boosting kind of way. I eat mindlessly while preparing food, again during clean up, a handful of this or that while chatting with a co-worker, a little extra chocolate before bed. I did work hard this week to focus on the absent-minded snacking. And focus on it I did;  I am now hyper-aware of my extreme snacking, yet it did not stop me.  Over the years, it has become part of my daily routine, and for me  it is one of the hardest habits to break. Now that I am fully conscious of the habit, hopefully I can work towards changing it. I am going to give all of those cliché little tricks you read about in fitness magazines a try….drinking a glass of water when I find myself reaching for the peanuts, chew some gum or have a mint, brush my teeth after each meal. I also bought extra fruits and veggies this week, so that if I do cave, I will be snacking on carrots, blackberries, or apple slices. Wish me luck!

Lesson learned from week 4:

  • Hard work does pay off | No explanation needed here
  • Take a moment | Before snacking, take a moment and decide if i am actually hungry.

Half-way….4 weeks left!


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