the joy of tea

Growing up in South Carolina, it’s not hard to believe that I am a tea fanatic. I no longer drink the sweet iced-tea loaded with sugar that I grew up loving (okay, maybe a glass or two when I go back home). Now, I truly enjoy tasting the actual tea and what better way to do this than with loose leaf. There are hundreds of different varieties and with the option to blend flavors, the possibilities are endless.

For the past few years I can’t get enough of the extraordinary Sugarbirds Sweets+Teas … The owner Kei just knows what she’s doing.  I head to the South Pasadena farmer’s market every Thursday to grab a bag or two.  At the moment I am loving the {olivia}, a blend of vanilla+chamomile+mint. But my tried and true favorite will always be the {zoe}, a blend of mint+chocolate+green tea. Both are absolutely delicious hot or iced. Not a fan of tea? Give these a try, and you just might change your mind!  I am sipping on a cup right now; perfect for this cold, rainy winter day!

images in this post are personal photographs | kindly credit this site if used


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