peak | week 2 recap

groceries to start the week | personal photograph

Going into peak week 2, I was still feeling enthusiasm + anticipation for my workouts. I managed to maintain a pretty intense workout schedule, taking a required “rest day” on friday, as my shins, calves, and ankles have been screaming at me. I also tried a new cardio class at Breakthru called Groovalicious on Wednesday night. I know, cheesy name, but amazing class if you like to dance and don’t mind embarrassing yourself a little.  This week I did the following workouts:

  • monday | circuit training
  • tuesday | peak cardio strength
  • wednesday | pure cardio + groovalicious (an amazing new dance class)
  • thursday | peak cardio strength
  • friday | rest day
  • saturday | core + step
  • sunday | peak cardio interval burn

The first half of week 2, I started off strong sticking to my beautifully crafted nutrition plan. But as thursday rolled around, I fell into the traps of peer pressure and dining out with friends.  I am not someone who has strong will power when it comes to food, I LOVE to eat… so needless to say through the weekend my diet was a far cry from the super healthful, clean food I had planned for myself.  I had a few too may drinks with friends (at lunch no less), indulged in all of the carbohydrate goodness of indian food, and I won’t even mention the amount of processed food I consumed on super bowl sunday. So going into week 3, my plan is to get back on track. Plan my weekly meals, do my grocery shopping and prepare several of my meals and snacks today.  Leaving room for small treats and occasional indulgences. if I want my body to feel good than I have to put good things into it…..bottom line.

Lessons learned from week 2:

  • Indulging |  4 days of indulging DOES affect your waist line!
  • No excuses | There are no excuses for getting back on track!

This week I am going to experiment with some new recipes; collard wraps, a sun-dried tomato and nut paste, and lentil clusters….check back later in the week for some of the recipes! 2 weeks down, 6 to go!


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