pain in my . . .

…legs. Specifically in my calves, achilles and shins. do any of you get severe lower leg pain with high impact cardio and plyometrics? If you don’t than you are lucky, but if you do then you know the pain I speak of.  I do the foam rolling, the stretching, the hot epsom salt baths which are all imperative. But nothing seems to alleviate the constant aching in my calves, the shooting pain in my achilles, or the ever-present shin splints. Michelle noticed that I was suffering in class one day and suggested I try these CEP allsports compression sleeves.

She actually let me borrow hers to see if they brought any relief. Well they did, and I immediately went out to buy a pair of my own. By no means do they completely alleviate the pain, but they do help significantly by reducing vibration, increasing oxygen flow, and helping to remove lactic acid from your muscles. Definitely worth the $40 bucks if you experience a similar type of pain. The sleeves are available in different sizes and colors too…. thanks Michelle!

If you live near pasadena you can pick them up at Run with us Footwear.


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