on my nightstand | loving these ladies

While I am typically a fan of fiction, I can’t get enough of these books on cooking, health, and wellness.  I  love spending a sunny Sunday afternoon on the patio collecting recipes & educating myself about the importance of eating foods in their purest form. Download these to your kindle or your iPad, or purchase the real deal from amazon!

the beauty detox solution by kimberly snyder

the kind diet by alicia silverstone

the skinny bitch by kim barnouin

Yes, all three of these books focus on vegetarian or vegan lifestyles. No, I have not completely eliminated healthy animal proteins & fats from my diet. . . at least not yet. I am experimenting with the idea though, and I would suggest you do the same. Figure out what works best for your body, what makes you feel your best, what gives you the most energy? If you are playing with the idea of increasing raw foods, or becoming vegan/vegetarian, give these books a good read. Delicious, healthful food . . . what a concept? You can eat well AND enjoy your food, all while being kind to our planet. If you are undecided, flip through a copy. . . these ladies won’t disappoint.


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