peak | day 1

"the journey begins" | personal photograph

Today was the first day of the Peak10 challenge. I missed this initial meeting last time I participated and was excited to join the other “peak folks” as we embarked on this eight week journey.  We arrived early on a sunday morning, received our packet of materials, went to do the dreaded weigh-in and have our measurements recorded, followed by the even more dreaded “before photo” session in nothing but a sports bra and shorts. I don’t care what anyone says, this part of the program is probably the most uncomfortable for me. There is nothing more humbling than standing in a room with a bunch of strangers in your bra and shorts having your picture made for all to see.

Finally, the fit test.  This is a short but grueling test of endurance, stamina and agility.  We are given 1 minute to repeat a particular exercise as many times as possible. This is done 10 times with 10 different exercises (everything from tuck jumps, to sideouts, to burpies).  We record our number for each of the exercises and will then repeat the fit test at the very end as a basis of comparison. Voila, day 1 workout finished!

After the morning peak meeting, some friends (who are also participating)  and I had an amazing brunch with fresh oranges, fritatta loaded with veggies, and coffee. My LAST cup of coffee for a week…yikes. For the first week I have decided to go without caffeine, alcohol, diary, or gluten. My diet will consist primarily of plant-based raw foods.  I have researched and found lots of delicious recipes that I will make the first week. And while i am not too worried about the food cravings, I am not looking forward to mornings without my cup of joe. I am a self-proclaimed coffee addict.  Instead of my morning coffee, I will be drinking this little concoction from Kimberly Snyder. I will keep you posted on this green drink, wish me luck…I am going to need it.


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