peak | the journey begins

Tomorrow I begin an 8 week program called the Peak10 challenge.  It is designed to help create a lean and healthy body through proper nutrition and intense metabolic circuit training.  The program was created by the amazing Michelle Dozois.  Michelle is the most inspiring, motivating, and wonderfully energetic fitness expert I know.  She has changed my attitude towards exercise and fitness through innovative workouts and continually encouraging me to challenge my body in ways I never knew possible. And even more amazing is that she is the owner and one of the fabulous group exercise instructors at Breakthru Fitness, the gym where I am a member.

I participated in this program over a year and half ago and saw incredible results in my energy level, my muscle tone and my overall mood.  This endeavor is extremely challenging mentally and physically; it is designed to help you set new goals and transform your body. And while there is a lot of hard work and sweat involved, there is nothing more rewarding than conquering this challenge.

I am excited and anxious to embark on this journey once again. As I read through my Peak10 material and nutrition guide, I am reminded about the discipline, dedication, and endurance required to survive this experience. last go round, I fully committed to the strenuous workouts, the extra hours of cardio, and the recovery and stretching as recommended.  However, I completely ignored the recommended diet and nutrition guide for living a healthier lifestyle. Since that time,I have researched and experimented with food and what works best with my body.  I have learned that whole foods and clean eating is essential to overall health. And I cannot wait to begin peak with my new outlook and approach to nutrition, cooking and eating. stay tuned as i journal the experience and share all that I learn about food, cooking, and staying fit!


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